A next generation transgenic platform addressing the recognized challenges of other approaches.

The AlivaMab Mouse has been licensed to eight of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies, as well as several other public and private companies. Many current licensees of AlivaMab Mouse are using it within their own labs.

Through our discussions with prospective licensees of AlivaMab Mouse, we recognized that our expertise and capabilities in using in vivo systems for antibody drug discovery would help maximize the clients' benefits from AlivaMab Mouse.

Also, we noted both inadequacies in capabilities for human therapeutic antibody discovery in existing service providers and deficiencies in the therapeutic antibody discovery platforms that they offered: humanization, in vitro display and other transgenic animals.

We founded AlivaMab Discovery Services to use AlivaMab Mouse to provide best-in-class human therapeutic antibody discovery, streamlining and de-risking the path from discovery to development through to commercialization.

Our Approach to Human Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

  • AlivaMab Mouse supports successful antibody drug discovery and development
  • Proprietary immunization strategies designed for your target and design goals
  • High throughput hybridoma-based antibody recovery methods
  • Extensive screening capabilities
  • Variable region sequencing, analyses, and reformatting
  • Recombinant expression, purification, and analytics
  • Functional potency assessments
  • Analyses of binding kinetics

The More Efficient and Streamlined Path to Better Functional Leads

  • Advanced hybridoma processes are proven successful for finding and recovering rare antibodies
  • Avoids excessive cost burdens of over-engineered technologies
  • Quickly provides amounts of antibody sufficient for reliable and more thorough screening
  • Avoids documented liabilities that can be introduced by molecular biological-based recovery methods