Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2020 Presentation

Maximizing Efficiencies and De-Risking Lead Selection in Antibody Drug Discovery

Ablexis and AlivaMab Discovery Services (ADS) deliver unparalleled results in the discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies. Ablexis' AlivaMab® Mouse strains are the leading transgenic platform for successful human therapeutic antibody discovery. ADS' proprietary AMMPD immunizations, function-first screening, and new developability assessment capabilities put projects on the fastest and most de-risked path from discovery through development to market. We will present:

  • Data on new Ablexis mouse strains that expand the antibody response and molecular diversity
  • Case studies that demonstrate ADS’ expertise and exceptionally fast timelines for achieving success for a project to identify rare, low-picomolar KD, highly-potent antibodies against a toxic target
  • A project to identify exquisitely specific antibodies against a membrane multi-spanning ADC target
  • Platform Extension: ADS Integrates Discovery and Developability

Larry Green, Ph.D., CEO, Ablexis
John “Lippy” Lippincott, Ph.D., VP of Research, AlivaMab Discovery Services