Engineering Human Antibodies Discovered with AlivaMab® Mouse into a Dual-Antagonist Bispecific Antibody Therapeutic

Biologics UK 2022 Presentation

  • Successful therapeutics are built on strong discovery foundations of technology and expertise
  • Technology: Ablexis' expanding suite of AlivaMab Mouse strains offer speed, diversity, developability and strong freedom to operate
  • Expertise: Knowledge and insights from experience discovering and engineering drugs enable rapid generation of panels of drug-quality leads against 2 different targets fully characterized for binding, function and kinetics, and screened for developability
  • Bispecific lead matrix of 200 dual antagonist molecules generated by curating design with various geometries and valencies of stability engineered, genetically and epitopically diverse antibody building blocks
  • Production, initial product quality and functional screening data as well as trends and lessons learned will be presented

Jonah Rainey, PhD, VP of Antibody Engineering and Protein Science, AlivaMab Discovery Services