Improving Antibody Drug Candidate Success Through Developability Assessments

Nature Webinar – March 25, 2021

Poor developability properties are some of the costliest and most time-consuming obstacles in the transition from therapeutic antibody discovery to successful development. These include expression, solubility, immunogenicity, stability and polyspecificity.

AlivaMab Discovery Services emphasizes strategies that significantly improve the chances of clean developability profiles. These outcomes are achieved by combining transgenic technologies designed to minimize developability risks, deep screening strategies that ensure lead diversity, and comprehensive developability assessment packages.

Developability assessment is accomplished through a series of stage appropriate in silico and in vitro analyses designed to characterize and select lead drug candidates for specificity, stability, expression and manufacturability.

This webcast will showcase tools and techniques used at AlivaMab Discovery Services for developability assessments, including stability and aggregation characterization on Unchained Labs’ Uncle,  to de-risk the transition from discovery to development.

You will learn:

  • Key considerations for assessing the developability of an antibody
  • Current tools and techniques used in developability assessment
  • How stability and aggregation characterization can be used in a workflow of antibody assessment

Dr. Jacek Ostrowski, Associate Director of Protein Chemistry, AlivaMab Discovery Services
Dr. Kevin Lance, Marketing Manager, Analytical Instruments, Unchained Labs