AlivaMab Discovery Services Identifies Highly Potent Antibodies in Two Months for Inaugural Client Project

Company Expands Team with Veterans of Antibody Discovery and Development  

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – February 26, 2019 – AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC,  a company providing custom human therapeutic antibody drug discovery services using the AlivaMab™ Mouse, a best-in-class antibody discovery platform, today announced the generation and identification of highly-potent target-antagonist antibodies for its inaugural client.  Combining the capabilities of the AlivaMab Mouse and the expertise of the scientific team, the highly potent antibodies were generated and identified in only two-months from project initiation.  Execution of the project included not only the generation and recovery of a very large panel of IgG antibodies from AlivaMab Mouse but also the development of multiple functional assays using recombinant cell lines generated by the ADS team, and subsequent functional interrogation of the antibodies.

The company also announced it has expanded its leadership team, adding industry veterans with deep expertise in antibody discovery and development across pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research organizations.  Joining Chief Executive Officer Larry Green and Vice President of Research John “Lippy” Lippincott, the new team brings broad experience in all aspects of antibody discovery from novel immunization approaches and functional assay development to recombinant expression, analytical characterization, and purification.   With the expansion of its team, the company is fully enabled to provide a comprehensive solution for pharma and biotech wishing to outsource their therapeutic antibody discovery projects.

“We founded AlivaMab Discovery Services to use AlivaMab Mouse to provide best-in-class human therapeutic antibody discovery, streamlining and de-risking the path from discovery to development through to commercialization,” said “Lippy” Lippincott, PhD, Vice-President of Research.  “The combination of the proven AlivaMab Mouse platform along with the expertise and hands-on experience of our world-class team ensures creation and execution of discovery campaigns, both antibody generation and functional screening, tailored to the specific needs of each client to deliver quality therapeutic antibody leads.”

“The AlivaMab Mouse is thoroughly validated for delivering diverse panels of highly-potent therapeutic antibody candidates with the drug-like qualities needed for downstream development”, said Larry Green, PhD, Chief Executive Officer.  “Other companies with platform technologies, particularly some in vitro display technologies, advertise claims for fast generation of panels of antibodies, but omit that more-often-than-not successive cycles of in vitro optimization are required to achieve requisite potency and developability criteria, adding months to the discovery process and potentially introducing liabilities that may not become obvious until well into clinical development.  AlivaMab Mouse accelerates the discovery timeline by directly delivering diverse therapeutic antibody candidates with drug-like properties needed for success from discovery through the clinic and to market.”

About AlivaMab Discovery Services

AlivaMab Discovery Services uses the AlivaMab™ Mouse platform, a patented next generation transgenic mouse platform, to discover human therapeutic antibody candidates for projects conducted on behalf of partners. Chosen by many leading pharmaceutical companies, this best-in-class transgenic platform generates therapeutic antibody candidates with high potency, specificity, developability qualities and reduced chances of immunogenicity. The AlivaMab Discovery Services team has extensive experience working with a broad range of target types and developing strategies to elicit the best immune responses to generate large panels of sequence­ and epitope-diverse, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies. For more information, visit or contact us at

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