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Foundational Antibody Discovery for Advanced Therapeutic Modalities

Learn how we address the increased challenges and complexities in discovering and developing multi-specifics and other next-generation antibody modalities.


Experience Matters: Creative Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Antibody Drug Discovery

Watch as we present data highlighting some of our antibody discovery approaches for challenging targets to yield diverse leads.


Improving Antibody Drug Candidate Success Through Developability Assessments

Learn about tools and techniques used by AlivaMab Discovery Services to de-risk the transition from discovery to development.


Maximizing Efficiencies and De-Risking Lead Selection in Antibody Drug Discovery

Learn how AlivaMab Discovery Services and Ablexis’ AlivaMab® Mouse accelerate antibody drug discovery and development.


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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics

December 12-16, 2021

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Festival of Biologics USA

March 9-11, 2022

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PEGS Boston

May 2-6, 2022

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Profile from Nature’s BioPharma Dealmakers September 2021

Ablexis and AlivaMab Discovery Services. Unparalleled success in antibody discovery and development.


Pharmaceutical Executive speaks with Larry Green

From Mouse to Mab


Nature speaks to Larry Green, Founder and Executive Chairman

Harnessing platform technology and expertise to fuel antibody drug discovery