Our team is dedicated to a healthier world through partnerships that bring better medicines to patients faster.


John “Lippy” Lippincott, PhD

John “Lippy” Lippincott, PhD >

Founder and SVP of Therapeutic Discovery Strategies

Jonah Rainey, PhD

Jonah Rainey, PhD >

VP of Antibody Engineering and Protein Science

Jane Seagal, PhD

Jane Seagal, PhD >

VP of Antibody Discovery

Crystal Bantados, PMP

Crystal Bantados, PMP >

Head of Project Management Office

Jennifer Cassidy

Jennifer Cassidy >

Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Larry Green, PhD

Larry Green, PhD >

Founder and Executive Chairman


Arvin Akoopie, PhD

Arvin Akoopie, PhD >

Senior Scientist

Ali Ataei

Ali Ataei >

Senior Research Associate I

Vera Sophia Beliaev

Vera Sophia Beliaev >

Intern, Protein Science

Stacey Borders

Stacey Borders >

Market Development Partner

Niko Chapman

Niko Chapman >

Research Associate I

Tracy Charlton, PhD

Tracy Charlton, PhD >

Associate Director, Antibody Discovery

Taylor Cram

Taylor Cram >

Associate Project Manager

Dana Duey

Dana Duey >

Founder and Director, Antibody Discovery

Mary Dwyer, PhD

Mary Dwyer, PhD >

Associate Director, Antibody Discovery

Nate Fichtner

Nate Fichtner >

Intern, Protein Science

Roberta Fuller-Beyea

Roberta Fuller-Beyea >

Associate Scientist II

Travis Grant

Travis Grant >

Research Associate II

Asako Handa

Asako Handa >

Research Associate I

Alicia Hoagenson, MS

Alicia Hoagenson, MS >

Research Associate II

Omer Keinan, PhD

Omer Keinan, PhD >

Scientist II

Shelly Kim

Shelly Kim >

Business Operations Specialist

Hayden Knutson

Hayden Knutson >

Research Associate I

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez >

Research Associate II

Allison Nixon, PhD

Allison Nixon, PhD >

Principal Scientist I

Shaden Omar

Shaden Omar >

Research Associate I

Jacek Ostrowski, PhD

Jacek Ostrowski, PhD >

Director, Protein Science

Diane Pham

Diane Pham >

Operations Manager

Soneela Ramesh, PhD

Soneela Ramesh, PhD >

Senior Project Manager

Alex Reiss, MS

Alex Reiss, MS >

Manager, Discovery Operations

Ritsuko Sawada, PhD

Ritsuko Sawada, PhD >

Principal Scientist I

Manan Shah, PhD

Manan Shah, PhD >

Scientist II

Nicole Sikora

Nicole Sikora >

Research Associate I

Melinda Stampfl

Melinda Stampfl >

Senior Project Manager

Blisseth Sy, MS

Blisseth Sy, MS >

Director, Business Development

Chandler Vieira

Chandler Vieira >

Research Associate II

Vladimir Villanes

Vladimir Villanes >

Research Associate I

Jonathan Wei

Jonathan Wei >

Intern, Operations