Our team is dedicated to a healthier world through partnerships that bring better medicines to patients faster.


John “Lippy” Lippincott, PhD

John “Lippy” Lippincott, PhD >

Founder and VP of Research

Jonah Rainey, PhD

Jonah Rainey, PhD >

VP of Antibody Engineering and Protein Science

Jane Seagal, PhD

Jane Seagal, PhD >

VP of Antibody Discovery

Crystal Bantados, PMP

Crystal Bantados, PMP >

Head of Project Management Office

Jennifer Cassidy

Jennifer Cassidy >

Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Larry Green, PhD

Larry Green, PhD >

Founder and Executive Chairman


Ali Ataei

Ali Ataei >

Senior Research Associate I

Vera Sophia Beliaev

Vera Sophia Beliaev >

Intern, Protein Science

Stacey Borders

Stacey Borders >

Market Development Partner

Niko Chapman

Niko Chapman >

Research Associate I

Tracy Charlton, PhD

Tracy Charlton, PhD >

Associate Director, Antibody Discovery

Dana Duey

Dana Duey >

Founder and Director, Antibody Discovery

Mary Dwyer, PhD

Mary Dwyer, PhD >

Associate Director, Antibody Discovery

Roberta Fuller-Beyea

Roberta Fuller-Beyea >

Associate Scientist II

Travis Grant

Travis Grant >

Research Associate II

Alicia Hoagenson, MS

Alicia Hoagenson, MS >

Research Associate II

Shelly Kim

Shelly Kim >

Business Operations Specialist

Hayden Knutson

Hayden Knutson >

Intern, Protein Science

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez >

Research Associate I

Jacek Ostrowski, PhD

Jacek Ostrowski, PhD >

Director, Protein Science

Diane Pham

Diane Pham >

Operations Manager

Soneela Ramesh, PhD

Soneela Ramesh, PhD >

Senior Project Manager

Alex Reiss, MS

Alex Reiss, MS >

Manager, Discovery Operations

Ritsuko Sawada, PhD

Ritsuko Sawada, PhD >

Senior Scientist II

Manan Shah, PhD

Manan Shah, PhD >

Scientist II

Melinda Stampfl

Melinda Stampfl >

Senior Project Manager

Blisseth Sy, MS

Blisseth Sy, MS >

Director, Business Development

Ezechinyere Ukabiala

Ezechinyere Ukabiala >

Research Associate I

Chandler Vieira

Chandler Vieira >

Research Associate II

Vladimir Villanes

Vladimir Villanes >

Research Associate I

Our Relationship with Ablexis

We use the AlivaMab Mouse, developed by Ablexis, LLC, as the platform for your discovery project. Chosen by many leading pharmaceutical companies, this best-in-class transgenic platform generates human therapeutic antibody candidates with high potency, specificity, developability qualities and reduced chances of immunogenicity.

We founded AlivaMab Discovery Services after hearing the needs of many prospective partners wanting to outsource discovery to a scientifically-driven organization led by a team with in-the-trenches experience and real understanding of therapeutic antibody discovery and development.

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AllivaMab Mouse