From Simple to Extraordinarily Challenging

Partners Trust AMB to Deliver the Next Generation of Antibody-Based Therapeutics

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What We Do

Antibody Discovery

Our antibody drug discovery platforms, utilizing Ablexis’ AlivaMab® Mouse, are optimized for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies that move seamlessly into development. Accelerated timelines and reduced developability risks are achieved with naturally selected fully human variable domains, advanced antibody discovery workflows, integration of reliable, predictive screening cascades, and rapid identification of candidates that meet target product profile requirements.

AlivaMab Mouse

  • Transgenic animal with a differentiated design for diversity, speed, developability, and freedom to operate
  • Adopted by 12 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies
  • New strains of AlivaMab XKL Mice further expand the molecular and epitope diversity of the immune response to promote even broader responses against the increasingly complex types of antigens at the cutting edge of antibody drug discovery
  • Multiple AlivaMab antibodies have entered clinical trials, both as standard antibodies and as advanced therapeutic modalities


  • Fit-for-target immunization strategies
  • Breaking immune tolerance
  • Strong, fast, molecularly diverse, high-affinity IgG responses
  • Elicit antibodies that meet design goals, even for targets traditionally considered challenging, such as GPCRs and other membrane multi-spanning targets

Fit-for-Purpose Screening

  • Custom-designed screening cascades, including function-first cell-based assays
  • Reliable, predictive high-throughput screens quickly identify the best candidates for progression
  • Diversity and developability screens early in the process
  • Recovery technologies for screening >100,000 antibody-producing cells, including advanced hybridoma, immune repertoire display, and NGS

Antibody Engineering

We have extensive experience in bispecific and CAR antibody engineering. We believe the best biologic drugs are selected from panels of antibodies with diverse sequences, broad epitope coverage, a range of affinities, and favorable biophysical properties. By coupling our discovery workflows with engineering pipelines, we ensure that high-quality antibody variable domains are employed. We leverage assay experience gained during discovery to rapidly evaluate engineered antibody activity.

Bispecific Engineering

  • Diverse, clinically validated formats offer geometry and valency that mimic target geometry and drives desired biology
  • Large lead matrices designed with productivity, product quality, activity, and stability in mind
  • Robust functional assays identify leads with desired biological activity and de-risk potential off-mechanism liabilities
  • Panels of CD3 and PD-L1 antibodies comprising a range of affinities, with requisite biophysical properties and tested in bispecific formats for activity in relevant assays

CAR Engineering for Cell-Based Therapies

  • Evaluation of lead sequence and domain order to drive desired affinity while selecting high thermostability and avoiding self-interaction and polyreactivity/non-specific binding
  • Cell-based reporter screening of lead sequences
  • Ability to optimize hinge and linker composition


  • Desired isotype, effector function, and half-life


  • Stage-appropriate developability analysis incorporated throughout discovery and engineering of candidates to ensure the best molecules are carried forward