Engineered to Be Better

Discovery of the best human therapeutic antibodies starts with AlivaMab Mouse.

AlivaMab Discovery Services uses the AlivaMab Mouse from Ablexis, the only transgenic animal designed to enable and optimize the efficient discovery and development of the next generation of human therapeutic antibodies. The platform has been validated for antibody drug discovery in a range of applications including:

  • Challenging targets such as GPCRs
  • Challenging design goals such as very low picomolar IC50 values
  • Sequence diverse panels of mAbs
  • Epitope diverse panels of mAbs
  • AlivaMab antibodies being developed in various formats including regular antibodies, bispecifics and CAR-Ts

AllivaMab Mouse

Key Features and Benefits of the AlivaMab Mouse


  • First and only synthetic, autonomously functioning heavy, kappa and lambda immunoglobulin transgenes
  • Unique combinations of human and mouse coding and non-coding elements
  • Diverse, curated repertoire of VH, Vκ and Vλ gene segments selected for developability and lowered risk of immunogenicity
  • Patented human/mouse chimeric antibody composition
  • Four AlivaMab Mouse strains: K-L with an Igκ/Igλ expression ratio as in humans, Kappa, Lambda Only and XKL


  • Robust immune responses for efficient discovery of high-quality therapeutic lead candidates that meet potency, specificity and developability requirements
  • Real diversity in the V region repertoire in both the primary and secondary immune responses better than other transgenic platforms
  • Retention of activity and developability qualities upon conversion to fully human
  • Choices for AlivaMab Mouse strains allow for maximizing light chain diversity and pre-selecting for light chain composition